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Plug and Play Personal Cabins Available on Rent at Co-Work Gurugram

We understand there are not many but there is existence of well funded startups, Startups like these can either be self funded or have managed to convince venture capitalists to invest well in them. Such grade of startups do not wish to be one who are still struggling and want to hold on to their image of being superior.

Apart from the request to rent out a personal cabin by established startups, there are organisation who wish to take up an enclosed area to work from as the work they do has to be kept discreet. For example we have companies who organise government sector examinations. They need to prepare a server which helps them shoot question papers to all the computers at the site where the examination is to be held. We have solutions to almost all sort of startups and organisations at Co-Work coworking space in gurgaon.

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C o-Work Gurugram (Gurgaon) has sound proof personal cabins for complete privacy. The table size and working space are bigger than the common open workstations. Premium ergonomic chairs are provided in the personal cabins. Separate storage is also available. At a time a personal cabin can accommodate 4 people. Organizations taking up personal cabins can also put their own branding outside their rooms to make it easier for their visitors to reach them.

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